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Info and FAQ
Kartoon Kat
Will Objects be able to go on diagonals?
Walls and doors can now go on diagonals, there may be some objects that can. If you see the screenshot with the grandfather and the toddler learning to walk there is a dollhouse which looks like it is on a diagonal.

Will Sims be able to change their hairstyles and makeup?
There will be a special vanity mirror where sims can change their hairstyle and makeup. We do not yet know if they can dye their hair.

What's all this about DNA?
The sims now have DNA. In the sims 2, when parents have a baby, their child will inherit looks from them. It may get mums lips, dads eyes and skin colour, mums nose etc. It varies.

Do they have basements? How many levels?
The Sims can't have basements in the Sims 2. They can have three levels of house and an extra level for an attic. That is four levels altogether.

Do they still eat the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
The Sims now cook certain food depending on their cooking skills. Someone with only 1 skill point won't be able to cook very good food, however someone with high skill points can cook things like 'Baked Alaska'. The sims can even leave their food in the oven while they do something else.

Do they still have the censor blur?
Yes, the sims will still have the blur, however when more custom content comes out you can expect that there will be a patch to get rid of it.

Tell me more about marriage.
In the Sims 2 there can be a few days between when the sims get engaged to when they actually get married. This will give you time to set up for the ceremony and invite over all the parents, grand parents, cousins and other rellies. Once the sims are married, they will move in together. You can decide to have them start a family right away or wait a while. They can even get a divorce.

I've seen some screenshots of the same object with different patterns. Why?
Ahh, this is the new built in tool. It will allow you to choose what pattern you would like on your object when you buy it, it is only available to some objects though such as chairs and beds. This will allow you to have the same object twice but have it look completely different with different patterns. You can even re-apholster your furniture which is a lot cheaper than buying new ones for when your furniture starts to age.

Our furniture ages?
Yes, just like in real life, your furniture gets old and torn with time, especially if you have kids jumping on them all the time. If you would like to have your house remain clean, you can either buy new furniture or re-apholster them, which is the cheapest choice.

In one screenshot you have on your site it shows a woman on the phone and she is carrying a plate of food away from the phone, on the Sims2 can you do other stuff when you're on the phone?
Yes, in The Sims 2 you can do a lot of multi-tasking. You can lay on your bed and watch tv, I think there may have even been a screenshot of a woman cooking while she was on the phone. Maxis have tried to make this game more realistic and so they have allowed The Sims to multi-task.

I have heaps more questions. How can I ask you about them?
If you want more information on The Sims 2 or my website just Email me. If I think it is a good question, I will post it.

2004 Kartoon Kat. Joanna Richards